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identity for the art space “at the point of convergence of times”, considering the rich past and the promising future.


3 weeks

About the project

We have created a minimalistic logo and have integrated the design conception on different digital media..

Cyrillic uppercase letters «Ц» (центр - centre) and «В» (Вознесенский - Voznesensky) are used as the main and unique element of the logo. They are made of simple geometrical figures, a direct reference to the author’s book covers. Andrei Voznesensky used this sign to authenticate works.

Linocut was chosen as a logo. It transfers man-made liveliness and reminds about creative component of the centre, a significance of Andrei Voznesensky’s contribution and his cultural heritage.

Linoleum as material and a printmaking method «Linocut» became widely used at the period of Voznesensky’s oeuvre and his heyday, at the 1960-1970s. This idea has a symbolic nuance and shade, sending us back to that amazing period. Navigation icons, indicators and plates are made in the same style – blue and red simple geometric shapes. A wide dark font Helios Ext Black for titles gives a modern shade to the logo. Source Code Variable font takes you to the period of typewriters, creating the atmosphere of that time.

Andrei Andreyevich Voznesensky was a Soviet and Russian poet, publicist, artist and architect. Voznesensky is considered as one of the most famous poets of the mid-20th-century, of the 1960s. He is also known as a songwriter. Voznesensky became popular in the USA, where he became friends with the beatnik poet Allen Ginsberg, as well as Arthur Miller’s family.

Andrei Voznesensky Centre portrays a combination of the 21st century modernity and 1960s classicism, which became an emphasis in creation of the brand of the centre.