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New brand of glazed waffles for mid-priced segment


3 weeks

About the project

The main condition was creating of characters – illustration of playing children in abstract style and scenes with details of children’s activities. It’s clear why the name of the sweet is “Detskie zabavy”.

We have created two designs, summer and winter. Summer design shows children playing on the beach; winter design shows children gliding down the snow hill. Design is bright and positive; the original style makes the atmosphere festive and relaxing atmosphere. Just like our illustrators wanted to transmit it.

“Detskie zabavy” are crispy waffles with tender filling and milk chocolate glaze. Airy crispy pleasure combines creamy waffles and light spicy chocolate glaze. The perfect addition to tea, coffee or milk drinks.

Client – JSC “Voronezh Confectionery Factory” (member of the holding “UNICONF”)