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To develop a naming for an overclothes brand which could be suited for the name of a home textiles brand; creation of a concept of paired logos in an integral style for both brands.


8 weeks

About the project

Homelisness company is engaged in the production of 100% cotton home clothing and home furnishings: towels, dressing growns, bed sheets, kitchen and bath accessories, kilts and customized hand embroidery. Everliness is a brand of universal overclothes production in casual style for the whole family.

For these brands logos were developed - a combination of a minimalistic sign and classic lettering. The design of the logo is analogous to a family coat-of-arms but the simplicity of the sign gives it a modern look. The color palette underlines the brands kind. The natural soft green color of the Homeliness logo is gentle, homely and fresh; it evokes a feeling of cleanliness and relaxation.

The sombre and quiet blue color makes the Everliness logo reliable and classical

The corporate identity of brands is based on the use of the sign as a background element on layouts. This technique will unobtrusively enhance the brand awareness. When creating printed layouts this technique can be used in conjunction with printing technologies - UV varnish or embossing. When creating layouts for electronic media, the background element is underlined by a more saturated shade of the background color.