«Ptichye Moloko»

Package design

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To develop a New Year's packaging design for sweets.


2 weeks

About the project

Sweets "Ptichye Moloko" with strawberry pieces from the Sormovskaya Confectionery Factory are the most delicate soufflé with juicy sourness of berries in chocolate icing. Everyone's favorite classic taste with new bright notes; this is just what you need on the most festive days of the year.

New Year and Christmas are everyone's favorite holidays, they are eagerly awaited, they are prepared for especially long and especially carefully. These days we especially want to believe in miracles, we want to try something that we have not tried yet, to find a way into a fairy tale. Our candy box design is the magic of author's illustrations. A bright box will not go unnoticed on the shelf, a family of the cutest owls celebrating winter holidays will not leave anyone indifferent; you just want to invite them to your party, and the taste of sweets will not disappoint you.

The box will be a great addition to a New Year's gift; it will add color and warm-heartedness to friendly and family gatherings.