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To develop a logo and a corporate identity for a cozy gastro coffeehouse "Syrnik"


4 weeks

About the project

We have developed a corporate identity for a new brand of a uniquely designed gastro coffeehouse "Syrnik". We were faced with the task of creating a logo combining lettering and a minimalistic expressive sign. But neither the sign nor the inscription should be associated "with Russian folk cuisine, domesticity, snow and bears." The first feeling created by the logo is the feeling of a modern, cozy place with original and delicious cuisine.

To solve this problem we combined several images into one memorable and atmospheric sign. The copyright © perfectly emphasizes the idea of the uniquely designed coffeehouse and is associated with the first letter of the name. The plate - swirls in the form of a circle with a reference to food. The spoon is a reference to food. The color scheme, laconic lettering, corporate font, uniform icons and corporate illustrations emphasize environmental friendliness, reasonableness, quality and comfort of the gastro coffeehouse «Syrnik» on advertising media. Here you will be fed properly, «but without fanaticism, and for pleasure.»