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Simplify and modernize the logo, make it more recognizable and memorable; develop visual brand identity elements and documentation for their use.


4 weeks

About the project

BELFASO is a legendary Russian brand for production of wedding and evening dresses. Products differ from competitors in the quality of tailoring, fit and comfort. More than 30 years-experience allows to create a unique design that emphasizes perfections of the bride's shape and hides flaws. BELFASO is a guide to the world of wedding fashion for the Customer; it makes it possible to get closer to global trends and feel the quality and comfort of a well-known brand with its own history.

A modern minimalistic font logo was developed for the brand the continuity of the corporate image being maintained. The letter “O” includes the wings of a beautiful nymph being embodiment of beauty, lightness and originality of dresses of this brand.

The corporate palette of the brand consists of complex noble shades of gray-brown. These colors allow to give the aristocratic kind of the brand and its relation with the history.