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Simplify and modernize the logo, make it more recognizable and memorable; develop visual brand identity elements and documentation for their use.


4 weeks

About the project

The logo and corporate identity of the Bitstop network of federal autoglass installation stations were developed in 2017. Since then, the company has made a great quality race. Modernization of equipment, technological equipment, professional growth of employees. The number of network outlets has increased and new ones continue to open. The company was faced with the need to update the image to increase awareness, memorability and differentiation from competitors.

Redesign is a delicate process. The main task of the designer is to bring a "fresh stream" into the customer's image, but at the same time preserve as many connections with the old image as possible. With the smallest changes, made competently and with taste, the result will be effective: a high-quality redesign will help maintain brand awareness, while increasing its attractiveness and relevance. In the course of the redesign, we retained the image of the windshield, but made it coherent, bright and positive. The entire corporate identity turned out to be sunny, friendly, energetic, encouraging due to juicy colors, vivid photographs, simple clear design.

We have also developed options for the entrance group of stations, signs, interior elements, reception area, repair area, navigation system, etc. The result of the work was a new voluminous brand book and Bitstop stations under construction with our design outside and inside.