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The XPOM team developed a landing page for the «Vkusnee!» brand. The brand «Vkusnee!» is a 100% natural product with bright consumptive qualities. 2 oil lines are produced under this brand — olive oil and sunflower oil with natural herb extracts and spices. On a single page, we have placed all the necessary information about the brand: including a catalog, reviews, recipes and much more


4 weeks

About the project

Logo, corporate identity and packaging design for the Russian manufacturer of aerosol paints “Yard Color”. This kind of paint is multi-purpose; it can be used on different surfaces, metal or glass. Target audience of the brand is graffiti-writers and street artists. Metaphor graphic of a fence was used in the minimalistic design. It’s like in the Mark Twain’s novel “Tom Sawyer” – whitewashing the fence can be prestigious and interesting!