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Make a redesign of the logo and corporate identity


8 weeks

About the project

The project was carried out in partnership with the advertising agency MediaNation

Mr.Doors is a well-known Russian company that has been manufacturing cabinet and built-in furniture since 1996.

Over the course of 24 years, the Mr.Doors logo has not changed and was the embodiment of excellent design work, the main theses describing the past logo are modularity, originality, and recognition. But as time went on, priorities changed both in the company itself and trends in graphic design. Semantic detail has been replaced by abstract, humanistic minimalism. The communication of the company with the consumer has been simplified, along with communication, the visual language in which the company speaks with its customers has been simplified.

It was decided to change the visual appearance of the company. We have developed a new logo, which has retained the successive features - a modular structure and basic corporate colors. We have thought of several options for logo layout, which are applied depending on the medium: the main vertical version, the horizontal version for signs and entrances, a simplified version for very small formats. The main element of the new corporate identity of Mr.Doors is colored glass, which symbolizes transparency and colorfulness. Blue and red bars are integrated into printed materials and image materials, color overlays, transparency, full-size images - the new graphic language of Mr.Doors for the coming years.

Working group:
XPOM Agency
Creative Director - Grigory Khromov
Designer - Ekaterina Chuvileva

MediaNation Agency
Art Director - Evgeny Ryuchin
Project Manager - Alina Gavrilova
Technical Director - Alexey Galchenko

Marketing Director - Ekaterina Hvorostova