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Simplify and modernize the logo, make it more recognizable and memorable; develop visual brand identity elements and documentation for their us


4 weeks

About the project

The production and commercial company "Golden Thread" has been operating on the Russian market since 2006. The company offers services for applying images to textiles in ways. The main specialization of the enterprise is machine embroidery, but due to the expansion of the company's capabilities, it has also mastered modern printing technologies - direct screen printing, transfer and sublimation printing.

A laconic type logo with an emphasis on the first letter "Z" made in the form of a thread loop, identity and guidebook was developed for the company.

At the heart of the brand's visual style, the used corporate element is a bright yellow thread with a loop, which runs through all advertising materials, as the main idea in the text.

The signature palette consists of four colors - purple, rich yellow, green and bright coral.