Ozornoy mishka

Package design

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New brand of glazed waffles


3 weeks

About the project

We have made a lot of successful design projects in the section of confectionery, and the infallible leader is glazed waffles «Ozornoy mishka».

«Ozornoi mishka» is the name of glazed waffles with milk caramel and ice-cream flavours. On the package you can see images of eight heroes who have different characters and hobbies.

We have made this considerable design project in two stages. Firstly, we have created the hero, a cute brown bear and his four images: a bully with a slingshot, dancing music fan, a little bear on the hoverboard and a sailor.

This idea was created for the first SKU, glazed waffles with caramel flavor. The brand showed great results in sales and it was a real hit among children of the country. It has won their hearts.

It was decided to add one more SKU, glazed waffles with ice-cream flavour. A white polar bear became the main character. He also had four images: skier, hockey player, a little bear on the sledge and a little bear, making a snowman.

So, there are 8 (!) different packages – four for each flavour. Children collect wrappers, share and exchange them with their friends.
Client – CJSC «Sormovo Confectionery Factory»

Sormovskaya Confectionery Factory traces its origins from the early 20th century. Nowadays it is considered as one of the visiting cards of Nizhniy Novgorod. Since 2003 Sormovskaya Confectionery Factory is a part of UNICONF holding. During its century-old history the factory earned the title of “sweet” factory. Treats are very popular with adults and children.